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March 30, 2009



Thanks, Alison! It's a love/hate, right? I love cats; I hate smelling their nasty poop. (I hope those shelter people aren't reading this.)

BTW, turns out Reese has been declawed. Makes me a bit sad, but now we won't have to worry about our chaise lounge.


I love my cats. Even when they scratch me with their razor sharp claws, or tickle my nose with their dander, or pee on my shit, or puke seven times in five minutes. They are cool. WElcome Reese!


And how! Tho I would like it if you could add 50 pounds to the weight so everyone thinks I have mastered the art of disguise.


Advice taken. Owen did like Reese and was able to play with her a bit. We do hope to get a kitten some time. Reese is a girl; though i've just taken the shelter's word for it. I have not, myself, done a physical exam.

btw, hope you're willing to wear a Spy ID Badge on Sat. we can fill out your height and weight when you get here.



Starrhillgirl would like me to let you know: She demands that the kid picks the next cat,and that it is a kitten. There you have it.
Is Reese a girl?

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