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September 27, 2010



I likes this idea of tranquilizers.


I know. I really wanted to go to Netherlands, but Tay's been dying to go to Iceland for years! Tim, Susanne, and Serena are all in Bavaria. Can't remember name of town. I only know how to order a coffee and a cinnamon scone in German. And how to say "no meat" keine fleische" or something. Should I mail your Lilian Vernon stuff?


Shame it wasn't a stop over in Iceland to then come here too! Free room and board in Holland. Where's Taylor's brother at the moment? Is his wife and Serena with them? We're very close to Germany, Jacob and Abi have German lessons every day at school. I can now count to 29, know all the family members and can say big and little spider! We get lots of spiders here.Plus it's what they remember from the lessons! I took Wolf Cubs last night. 10 excited boys but I managed them well. I'm leading the Daisy Scouts, hoping that will be a little calmer. Jacob and Allen are off on their first cub camp this weekend. A little chilly I think. Abi and I decided against it as it's gynmastics and a Princess party. Hope your run goes well. I'm going to start with Allen as he'll have to go slow due to his knee, he's not allowed to run yet. xx

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