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June 02, 2011



I'll have to get Allen to comment. He's into his running again and has signed up to do the Amsterdam marathon in Oct. I'm all for it as it means 2 nights away without J&A as mum is coming over to look after them! He's been busy ordering running shoes. I may even start as I went swimming costume shopping this week, it's stopped me eating cake so far this week! xx


Thanks, Patrick. I hope to see you on daily mile. Good luck with training, you lucky bastard. I'm going to try the lottery again next year. I'm an underpronator and tend to dislike shoes with built-up heels; mizunos feel great though i've heard that the new version of the wave runner is not as good. Such are my hardships. . .


I say buy some now, and alternate your runs old & new. That way you can phase out the old ones before they get too worn down. That's what I do anyway, but I am a super pronator, and really wear out the outer heels.

Thanks for pointing me to daily mile! I think I'll use that when I start my marathon training (3 week from now!)

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