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March 27, 2012


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Golden Ticket (Fat Biscuit)




Golden Ticket (Fat Biscuit)


Is touch and go British or just old? I'm going for British as I use it! Hope all is well. I'm busy applying for teaching jobs around the world. Hoping Allen gets out this summer or he may be off somewhere I really don't want him to go. Still aiming for the States late August. Mum and Dad are here for a bit next week and then we're off to Naples and Rome for Easter. Taking the sleeper train to Rome but we have to fly back as it was too expensive to train it both ways. Only 2 hours flying so I should cope. Jacob is very excited about seeing all the things he's been learning about at school. Abi's just excited for her birthday. She wants make up, hair dye - purple and tank tops - would you guess she's about to turn 8 - 16 more like. Both are in the swim team here. They are swimming 4 times a week and loving it, definitely get that from Allen. When will you be visiting Denver? Enjoy Easter even though you have crap chocolate! Jacob and Abi have been 'practising' egg hunts in the garden. Going to an American one on Saturday, also joined the ski club and have our first indoor ski session on Sunday.

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